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About Structural Engineering Institute

The Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) is a vibrant community of more than 25,000 structural engineers within the American Society of Civil Engineers. SEI started on October 1, 1996 in order to serve the unique needs of the structural engineering community while influencing change on broader issues that shape the entire civil engineering community.

Because SEI members are leaders in structural engineering practice and academia, SEI provides great networking opportunities while stimulating coordination and understanding between academia and practicing engineers - driving the practical application of cutting edge research.

SEI produces technical publications, journals, conferences, continuing education, codes and standards, and professional practice documents that advance the structural engineering profession.

SEI advances our members' careers, stimulates technological advancement, and improves professional practice.

SEI Leads by:

  • Coordinating efforts with other standards organizations to promote uniformity.
  • Participating in ISO committees to ensure that SEI and ISO standards are compatible and that U.S. engineers are on an equal footing technically when proposing work internationally.
  • Coordinating efforts with other structural engineering organizations such as NCSEA, CASE, ACI, TMS, AISC, IStructE, and IABSE.
  • Deploys post-disaster assessment teams to evaluate performance of the built environment to improve codes and standards. Teams include World Trade Center and Pentagon in 2011; Earthquake Effects in Chile, New Zealand, Japan; and the Joplin Missouri Tornado.

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SEI Membership

SEI involves all facets of the structural engineering community including practicing engineers, research scientists, academicians, technologist, material suppliers, contractors, and owners. Membership in the Structural Engineering Institute is open to anyone with an interest in structural engineering. 

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The Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) will advance and serve the structural engineering profession.

SEI Strategic Visioning

In 2008, the SEI Board of Governors met and put forth the following strategic vision for the profession 25 years into the future:

In 2033, the Structural Engineering Profession will be:

  • A unique, fully engaged profession with a strong identity;
  • Recognized for the contribution the profession makes to
    • public safety and risk management,
    • economic and sustainable use of resources,
    • the use of innovative technologies, and
    • the creation of inspiring structures;
  • Stewards of the built environment; and
  • Attractive to the best and brightest.

At that time, the goal was to envision the desired characteristics for the structural engineering profession at large. The stated vision statement represented the long view of 25 years into the future. Four years after it met to establish the above statement, the SEI Board of Governors met again to build upon the strategic vision of 2008 and specifically to identify topics and strategic issues that it would like to consider for action.

At the conclusion of three meetings dedicated to this process, the SEI Board of Governors identified the following two main topics as high-priority initiatives:

  • The Future Structural Engineer, and
  • Future Structural Codes & Standards

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