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SEI Futures Fund

  • Give to the Future of Structural Engineering

    SEI Futures Fund logo and taglineAdvance structural engineering with a gift to the SEI Futures Fund and build a brighter future for our profession.

  • Your gift impacts strategic initiatives established by the SEI Futures Fund Board:

    • Invest in the future of the structural engineering profession
    • Promote student interest in structural engineering
    • Support younger-member involvement in SEI
    • Provide opportunities for professional development

    Show your leadership and give generously to the SEI Futures Fund. Your contribution, with those of your colleagues, will strengthen SEI efforts to build a vibrant community of structural engineers.


    Where Your Gifts Go

    For 2018, the SEI Futures Fund has committed more than $100,000 in funding for these strategic SEI programs: 

    • SEI Global initiatives through resource workshops, an international practice guide, and increasing international sessions at Structures Congress – 26%
    • SEI messaging workshop  – 24%
    • Pilot to livestream content at Structures Congress - 17%
    • Scholarships for Young Professionals to participate at Structures Congress - 17%  
    • Student Scholarship to Structures Congress - 10%
    • Support for Young Professional Engagement on SEI Standards Committees - 6%

    Learn more about the SEI Vision for the Future of Structural Engineering.

    Review the 2016 SEI Futures Fund Annual Report on pgs 10-11 of the 2016 SEI Annual Report.

    New Strategic Initiative Proposals Due June 1

    Proposals are invited for new strategic initiatives in line with SEI Futures Fund strategic areas that benefit the structural engineering profession and/or SEI as a whole, and would not otherwise be funded out of SEI Division operating expenses. If your SEI Division wishes to review the proposal, plan to do so to meet the June 1 final proposal submission deadline. Review the SEI Futures Fund Case Statement and the FY2019 funding request guidelines.

    100% of your gift benefits the SEI Futures Fund, free of any administrative burden. The Fund partners with the ASCE Foundation, also a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, to leverage their expertise in managing philanthropic gifts. Your contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law, and an acknowledgement and receipt will be provided.

    SEI Futures Fund Giving

    Thank you to all the individuals and organizations that have generously supported the SEI Futures Fund and its predecessor the SEI Endowment Fund The following list is in recognition of their total lifetime giving to both.

    Name* indicates current supporters (December 2013–present).

    Giving Clubs:

    ($20,000+ impact gift payable over 1-3 years)
    John L. & Karen E. Carrato*
    Jon D. Magnusson*

    James Laurie Visionary Circle
    ($5,000 initial gift with an ongoing commitment of 1,000+ annually)
    Glenn & Judy Bell*
    Alfred Benesch & Company*
    Kate & David Cocke*
    Sarmad (Sam) & Ina Rihani*
    Severud Associates*

    (monthly recurring gift)   
    J.G. (Greg) Soules*

    Legacy Society
    Silky S.K. Wong*

    Cumulative giving:

    John L. & Karen E. Carrato*

    Stan R. & Jane A. Caldwell*  
    Jon D. Magnusson* 
    Severud Associates*
    Weidlinger Associates

    Alfred Benesch & Company*
    ATC-SEI Joint Gala*
    Computers & Structures, Inc.*  
    Glenn & Judy Bell*
    David & Monica Biggs*
    Kate & David Cocke*
    KPFF Consulting Engineers*
    Degenkolb Engineers*   
    Neil M. & S. Ann Hawkins   
    Odeh Engineers 
    Sarmad (Sam) & Ina Rihani*
    Simpson Gumpertz & Heger*
    SSFM International 
    Walter P Moore & Associates

    Brander Construction Technology*
    Brandow & Nastar, Inc.*
    Donald O. Dusenberry*
    James R. Harris*
    Andrew W. Herrmann* 
    Jeremy Isenberg*  
    Daniel L. Lavrich*   
    Dennis R. Mertz*
    Chris D. Poland* 
    Jon A Schmidt*
    J.G. (Greg) Soules* 
    Dennis & Nancy Tewksbury*

    Ahmad K. Abdelrazaq*
    Robert E. Bachman* 
    William F. Baker*
    Laura E. Champion*
    Gary Y.K. Chock*  
    Edward M. and Mary F. DePaola and Family*          
    Joseph G. DiPompeo*                    
    Frank H. Eaton*   
    Gilsanz Murray Steficek, LLP*
    Ronald O. Hamburger*
    Ronald J. LaMere   
    Satish Nagarajaiah*  
    SEI Philadelphia Chapter   
    John Tawresey

    Hamid R. Adib-Jahromi*
    CH2M Hill   
    Edminster Hinshaw Russ and Associates*    
    Bruce R. Ellingwood*
    Elizabeth English*
    John W. Fisher* 
    Cheng Lok Hing*
    Winston E. Kile*
    Takahiko Kimura*
    John & Harriet Kulicki*
    Roberto T. Leon*  
    Robert Nickerson*                                                       
    Om Dixit    
    Max L. Porter*
    Robert T. Ratay
    Stephen S. Szoke*

    Craig E. Barnes*
    Randall P. Bernhardt*
    Franklin Y. Cheng 
    W. Gene Corley 
    J. Mark D'Amato*
    Sheila R. Duwadi*

    Gary H. Elzweig*
    Theodore V. Galambos   
    Phillip L. Gould*
    Jennifer L. Goupil* 
    Jerome F. Hajjar* 
    Richard Henige*
    Mustafa A. Mahamid*

    Michael J. O'Rourke*
    Michael B. Planer*
    Chad M. Schrand*

    Harry B. Thomas*
    William A. Welsh, Jr.

    Mihran & Elizabeth Agbabian 
    Joseph M. Ales, Jr.  
    Gerald H. Anderson*
    Michael J. Bolduc*
    William C. Bracken*
    Maurice Brunet*
    Suzanne Fisher*
    Mary W. Goodson*
    John Grieshaber*
    Evan Hammel*
    Win Naing Htun*
    David Huval*
    Theresa E. Jablonski*
    Carl H. Josephson*
    Richard Lightcap*
    Therese P. McAllister*
    Robert Navarro*
    Rawn Nelson 
    Kent G. Nusekabel*
    Kenneth L. Sharpless*
    Harry W. Shenton*
    Robert C. Sinn*
    Scott B. Thompson*
    Silky S.K. Wong*

    Calvin Crenwelge*
    Alan M. Ebner*
    Fluor Corporation*
    Eduardo Vitug Francisco*
    Kenneth C. Gebhart*
    William B. Nelson*
    Damon Regles*
    Debbie Smith*
    Jeffrey L. Stapleton*