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Structural Engineering

  • Structures Congress 2018

    The Premier Event for Structural Engineering

    April 19-21, 2018

    Fort Worth, TX

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  • Events

    Structures Congress 2018

    2018 Structures Congress Side Banner Join us at Structures Congress in For t Worth, Texas, April 19–21, 2018 to be inspired, connect with leaders in the profession, learn from the experts, and earn Professional Development Hours (PDHs). Stay an extra day to enjoy the seven primary entertainment districts each offering distinct dining, shopping, entertainment and cultural amenities.

    Electrical Transmission & Substation Structures Conference 2018

    The SEI/ASCE Electrical Transmission & Substation Structures Conference is recognized as the must-attend conference that focuses specifically on transmission line and substation structures and foundation construction issues. This event — for utilities, suppliers, contractors, and consultants — offers an ideal setting for learning and networking.

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  • ASCE/SEI 7-16

    Minimum Design Loads For Buildings and Other Structures (ASCE/SEI 7-16)

    The 2016 edition of ASCE Minimum Design Loads and Associated Criteria for Buildings and Other Structures is available. Learn more about the new digital platform ASCE 7 Online, as well as the new ASCE 7 Hazard Tool, and sign up for release updates.

    Access ASCE 7 & SEI Standards

    SEI Supplements & Errata

    Supplements and errata to ASCE Standards can be downloaded in PDF format from the ASCE Library. Supplements require a balloting and approval process. Errata correct discrepancies between the balloted and published version of a Standard, as well as typographical errors.

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    ASCE 7 Hazard Tool

    Easy-to-use mapping features offer a better way to look up key design parameters specified by Standard ASCE 7.

    • Use site to pull precise hazard data for wind, seismic, flood, snow, rain, ice, and tsunami risk.
    • Generate a report showing hazard data for your location.
    • Content always up to date.

    Access ASCE 7 Hazard Tool

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