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TCLEE Gas and Liquid Fuels Lifelines Committee


Purpose: to study the problems of planning, design, construction and operation of gas and liquid fuel transportation and storage systems to mitigate the effects of earthquakes and develop procedures with which sound design can be achieved.

For additional informaiton contact chairperon Pete McDonough at - 

Peter W. McDonough, PE, F. ASCE- Chair
Donald B. Ballantyne, PE, M. ASCE
Steven F. Bartlett, PhD, P.E. M. ASCE
Charles B. Crouse, PhD, PE, M. ASCE
Richard W. Galling, Aff.M. ASCE
James D. Hart, PE M. ASCE
Evert C. Lawton, PhD., PE, M. ASCE
Bret N. Lingwall, PhD. M. ASCE
John P. Masek, PE, M.ASCE
Douglas J. Nyman, PhD, PE, M. ASCE
Michael O’Rourke, PhD, PE, M. ASCE
Thomas D. O’Rourke, PhD, M. ASCE
Carl L. Strand, A.M. ASCE
William Schwarzenbach, PE
Aurelian C. Trandafir, PE, M. ASCE
Yumei Wang, F. ASCE
Nasir Zulfiqar, PE, M ASCE