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TCLEE Ports Lifelines Committees



Purpose: to study problems of earthquake related planning, design, construction, operations and retrofit of ports and harbors lifelines (navigation waterways, retaining structures, berthing piers, docks, cargo handling equipment and storage facilities) to mitigate the effect of earthquakes and to develop procedures and pre-standards for sound design.  

The committee and its members have been involved in the preparation of seminal publications on topics such as; seismic guidelines for ports, seismic instrumentation for ports, numerical modeling of the seismic response and performance of port structures, seismic criteria for marine oil terminals, identification and mitigation of geologic and seismic hazards in the marine environment, engineering-economic evaluations of risk reduction strategies at ports, and post-earthquake recovery of port operations. In 1998 the committee published ASCE TCLEE Monograph No. 12 Seismic Guidelines for Ports, and is in the process of publishing a monograph on Instrumentation for Monitoring and Performance of Port and Coastal Infrastructure.

The broad representation of professionals supports the mission of the Technical Council for Lifeline Earthquake Engineering.

Current Events
The Ports Lifeline Committee is currently working on, or considering working on, the following topics:
1. A monograph on the Instrumentation for Monitoring the Performance of Port and Coastal Infrastructure.
2. A workshop to discuss the similarities in the seismic design and detailing of pile-supported bridge foundations and pile-supported waterfront structures.
3. Recommendations for dynamic soil-foundation-structure interaction of port waterfront structures.
4. Post-earthquake restoration of port facilities.

The committee routinely considers the development of continuing education materials for practicing engineers, port planners, and port authorities. Input from the port community and affiliated consulting firms on the need for short courses, seminars, or workshops on topics related to seismic performance of port infrastructure, post-earthquake response and recovery, and multi-hazard risk reduction is welcomed.

Recent past meeting have been:
- March 2006 - Port of Seattle
- July 2006 - Port of Oakland
- November 2006 - Port of Long Beach
- March 2007 - San Diego (Ports 2007 Conference)

Next Meeting: The committee meets approximately twice a year, please contact the committee chairman to find out the next meeting date and location.

Nason J. McCullough, Chairman
2300 NW Walnut Blvd
Corvallis, OR, 97330

Membership is open to professionals interested in, and/or with expertise in, seismic issues related to ports and port infrastructure, including, but not limited to: performance-based seismic analysis and design, seismic risk reduction, instrumentation, and monitoring of port and coastal infrastructure, or other facets of the seismic performance, preparation, or post-earthquake recovery of port transportation systems. Those interested in joining are encouraged to contact the committee chairman regarding membership on this active committee.


ASCE TCLEE PORTS LIFELINES COMMITTEE Committee Purpose The primary purpose of the ASCE TCLEE Ports Lifelines Committee is to advance seismic risk reduction for ports, harbors, and waterways. Committee membership consists of a diverse group of professionals from port industry,