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TCLEE Seismic Risk Committee


Seismic Risk Committee  

Purpose: to develop procedures for seismic risk analysis, including risk from geological hazards, upon which sound design criteria on lifelines can be formulated. The committee will be composed of experts from each of the lifeline fields of gas and liquid fuel, transportation, water and wastewater, and electric power and communications, as well as experts in the fields of risk analysis, geology, seismology, soils engineering and geodetic surveying.  


2008 Activities ASCE Seismic Risk Committee  

The ASCE Seismic Risk Committee will be engaged in a number or interesting and technically challenging activities in 2008. Some of the Committee's planned activities will include:

-Oversight of Presentation and Technical Papers for the 2009 ASCE TCLEE conference related to seismic risk analysis of lifeline facilities;
-Development of New Monographs on Current State of the Practice Risk Analysis and Mitigation Methods.
-Participation in Review and Analysis of Damage Observations by ASCE or other technical organizations for Seismic Events around the World
-Consideration of the Role and Effect of Multihazard Risk Analysis Verses Seismic Risk Analysis Alone
-Consideration of Effective Funding Methods for Seismic Mitigation Programs
-Nonstructural Seismic Risk Analysis and Mitigation Methods
-Buried Pipeline Seismic Risk Analysis

The committee will hold its annual all-member planning meeting in Salt Lake City in April, 2008. (Just in time for spring skiing on the "Greatest Snow on Earth"). Contact the committee chair for more information on attending this meeting.

Contact: John Masek, P.E., Chair, ASCE Seismic Risk Committee
Risk Analysis Specialist
Weber Basin Water Conservancy District or
801 671 8108