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TCLEE Transportation Lifelines Committee


Purpose: to study problems regarding planning, design, construction, retrofit, and operation of transportation lifelines including highways, railroads, airports, and rapid transit structures, both from component and system performance perspectives.  To mitigate the effects of earthquakes and develop procedures through which sound design and retrofit can be achieved for all transportation facilities, through coordination with the TCLEE ports and Harbors Committee.

Current Activities:

Annotated on-line bibliography: Development of an annotated bibliography intended for use by practicing transportation professionals working in the field of transportation engineering, with a focus on railroad systems, heavy and light rail systems and airports. The transportation bibliography will attempt to identify the most important and relevant resource reports and documents regarding the seismic design, evaluation, and retrofit of transportation structures.

The first result of this activity is a Bibliography on Seismic Design and Performance of Railroads. The bibliography includes abstracts of nearly 250 papers on the seismic design and performance of railroad systems and their components. The bibliography includes references that are not published in refereed journal or conference proceedings (e.g. reports from various agencies and institutions). The abstracts included in the bibliography are the reviewer's evaluation and/or material from author's abstracts. The length of the comments is not indicative of the importance of the reference. Each entry is indexed to one of thirteen subjects: Response, Inspection, Warning Systems, Damage to Facilities, Derailments, Effect on Operations, Recovery, Repairs, Retrofits, Design & Analysis, Research & Tests, Hazard, Ground Motion, and Economic Effects. The database can be searched by author, publication year, subject and title.

The bibliography is compiled by William Byers of the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway, and a member of the TCLEE Transportation Lifelines Committee. The bibliography is updated periodically. If you would like to contribute to the bibliography please contact the committee chair Nesrin Basoz at

Anyone interested in contributing to these activities or would like to suggest new projects for the committee to consider should contact the committee chair, Tom Cooper,