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TCLEE Water and Wastewater Lifelines Committee


Purpose: to study the problems of planning, design, construction and operation of water and wastewater lifelines (potable, flood, irrigation, and sewage and solid waste) to mitigate the effects of earthquakes and develop procedures with which sound design can be achieved.


Current Activities:

The committee is currently leading a multi-disciplinary effort to develop a monograph on Fire Following Earthquake. Fires following earthquakes have the potential for catastrophic destruction of major cities as demonstrated in the 1923 and 1995 Kobe earthquakes. The purpose of the monograph is to: 

  • Educate utility (lifeline) operators, engineers, fire departments, and emergency planners about the fact that fire following earthquake is a significant problem
  • Identify and describe available analytical tools that can be used to determine fire following earthquake likelihood, severity and consequences

  • Identify and describe current prevention and mitigation techniques

  • Stimulate the multi-disciplinary cooperation needed to alleviate the problem

  • Identify and describe actions and resources needed to alleviate the problem

The committee is also considering developing a manual of recommended practice on seismic design of pipelines at bridge and structure interfaces. The purpose of this monograph would be to provide designers with information and details needed to reduce the likelihood of damage that often occurs at these interfaces during seismic events.

The next committee meeting will be in Southern California in early 2003.

If you interested in any of the committee's activities or in joining the committee, please contact Bill Heubach at