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Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering Workshop 2011


Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering (TCLEE)
Workshop on Challenges and Opportunities for Lifeline Systems Engineering
February 9, 2011
San Diego, CA


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Session on lessons learned from recent earthquakes for lifeline engineering 

  1. 2010 Baja California earthquake: 
    1. Water and sewer lifeline damage and recovery
      Curtis Edwards (PSOMAS).
    2. Raw water supply damage and recovery
      Michael Kemp (Imperial Irrigation District).
  2. 2010 Chile earthquake: Telecommunications and other utility systems
    Alex Tang (L&T Engineering and Project Management).
  3. 2010 New Zealand earthquake: Water and waste water systems
    John Eidinger (G&E Engineering Systems).


Session on lifeline system interdependencies 

  1. Empirical model of interdependence across critical lifeline systems
    Dorothy Reed (University of Washington).
  2. Quantification of lifeline system coupling strengths
    Leonardo Dueñas-Osorio (Rice University).
  3. Port facilities and their interdependence to road networks
    Nason McCullough (CH2M-HILL).
  4. Interdependencies at the interface between physical and economic systems
    Charlie Huyck (ImageCat).


Session on current guidelines and codes for lifeline system design and retrofit 

  1. Power transmission systems
    Leon Kempner (Bonneville Power Administration).
  2. ShakeCast tool for bridges and highway corridors
    Loren Turner (Caltrans) and Jamie Padgett (Rice University).
  3. Performance-based design of utility systems
    Chris Poland (Degenkolb).