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Council Report

Automated People Movers Committee

Toronto selected as site of the 15th APM-ATS Conference

The APM Conference Planning Committee has selected Toronto as the site of the 15th International Conference on Automated People Movers and Automated Transit Systems, to be held in the spring or summer of 2016.  

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the country’s commercial capital, with a regional population of over six million.  The Toronto Transit Commission operates the third largest mass transit system in North America with a wide range of modes.  Daily ridership is approaching three million trips.  Toronto also is the location of Highway 401, the most highly traveled road in North America.  Toronto Pearson International Airport is the largest and busiest in Canada.  The LINK Train APM opened in 2006.  The Union Pearson Express (UP Express) will link Union Station in the heart of Toronto and Pearson Airport, opening next year.  Thus, Toronto in 2016 will be an exciting place for transportation professionals.

The first APM conference was held in Miami, Florida in 1985 and since that time subsequent conferences have bought together planners, inventors, designers, suppliers, builders, owners and operators of automated transit of all forms to share their experiences, reveal innovations, and discuss what they have learned. Past conferences have been held around the globe and have built an international collegial community and the Proceedings have become an invaluable reference source. In 2011, automated transit systems were added to the automated people mover focus in recognition of exciting applications on line haul metro systems, The Phoenix conference, held in 2013, continued that addition and added presentations and discussions on autonomous road vehicles.

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