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Highway Pavement Committee at TRB

The Highway Pavement Committee (HPC) under the Roadway Council of T&DI had its annual meeting on Sunday, January 13, 2013 in the Transportation Research Board meeting. Recent activities of the HPC were reviewed in the meeting. Major activities are reviewed as follows:

• Webinar planning and delivery
• Planning and preparation of the 2013 T&DI Airfield and Highway Pavement Conference
• The 2012 FHWA/ASCE International Contest on Long Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) Data Analysis

Committee member, Dr. Kelvin Wang delivered the webinar titled “1mm 3D laser imaging for pavement survey” in October 2012. Members Dr. Neeraj Buch and Dr. Shiraz Tayabji will repeat a popular modular pavement webinar in March 2013. Member Dr. Gerardo Flintsch will conduct the webinar titled “Continuous Pavement Deflection Measurements for Pavement Management Applications” in June 2013. Additionally, a couple of webinars are currently under preparation.

More than 20 members and friends of the HPC have been involved in the planning and preparation of the 2013 ASCE/T&DI Airfield and Highway Pavement Conference. The online registration of the 2013 pavement conference is now open and the preliminary program is available online. Hardcopies of the preliminary programs were distributed in the 2013 TRB conference. Selected members and friends are assisting the conference steering committee to perform the final paper review.

The winning study of the 2012 FHWA/ ASCE LTPP data analysis contest was selected in December 2012. This contest was co-lead by our LTPP subcommittee chaired by Dr. Shelley Stoffels. For the 2012 contest, the winner was Mr. Daniel Franta with Minnesota DOT. The winning study titled “Classification of Features of Pavement Profiles Using Empirical Decomposition” was presented in the 2013 HPC annual meeting. Other speakers of the annual meeting included: HPC at TRB 2013
• Ms. Debbie Walker with Federal Highway Administrations
• Mr. Robert Rodden with the American Concrete Pavement Association
• Dr. Hossein Ajideh with the Orange County Public Works
• Dr. Judy Corley-Lay, Chairman of the AASHTO Pavement Mechanistic-Empirical Design Task Force.

The HPC will hold a mid-year meeting this June 9 at the 2013 Airfield and Highway Pavement Conference in Los Angeles. New friends who would like to participate in or learn more about the HPC activities can contact the committee chair Katie Chou at The participation of young professionals is encouraged by the HPC.

Highway Pavement Committee

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