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TDI Younger Member Article

Younger Member Events at the 2nd T&DI Congress

The Committee on Younger Members is happy to report that there were significant contributions by and events for Younger Members at the 2nd T&DI Congress in Orlando, Florida earlier this month.

 There were papers and presentations across the Congress which had contributions from Younger Members, ranging from the full research, writing and presentation, to assisting senior researchers and professionals with their projects. Ten of these presentations were highlighted in a session which featured fast-paced mini-presentations of seven to eight minutes in length. This session proved to be a unique experience for those involved and attending with a wide variety of topics touched on briefly and an amazing amount of information condensed into a short session. The presenters did an amazing job displaying their quality work in a concise fashion, highlighting the significant contributions of Younger Members to the increasing body of knowledge presented at the T&DI Congress.

What I Wish I Knew as a Younger Member

A second Younger Member event followed this rapid-fire session where a panel of "experienced" T&DI members, including multiple members of the Board of Governors, and a representative from each of:

  •  private
  •  public
  •  government 
  •  education

 aspects of Civil Engineering shared their thoughts on the subject of “What I Wish I Knew as a Younger Member”.

There was a diversity of opinions and advice, but a central theme of developing, improving and maintaining communication skills was something that all the panelists encouraged Younger Members to pursue. The Younger Members in attendance then had a few minutes to ask questions of the panelists and some other “experienced” members who had joined the session before everyone moved to the 27th floor of the conference hotel for a networking mixer sponsored by Stantec. A great time was had by all and the Younger Members expressed gratitude for the openness and availability of the experienced members.

Look for similar Younger Member activities to be on the program at future T&DI events!