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The Report Card is Out: What Your Section/Branch Can Do To Spread the Message

This March, ASCE released the 2013 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure in a brand new format as a tablet and smart phone app during the annual Legislative Fly-In.

Members have been actively continuing to share the Report Card in their local areas by:

•    Assisting as spokespeople with TV and newspaper interviews
•    Updating their State Report Cards so that local information is available for policymakers and the public
•    Working with ASCE to write op-eds and letters to the editor about local or state infrastructure
•    Updating their websites to include links to the Report Card website and their State and Regional Report Cards

As one of our three key initiatives, ASCE is continually working to raise awareness about the need for infrastructure investment and renewal.

The Report Card is a key tool you can use to start conversations with policy makers and the public about infrastructure needs in your community. 

Every Section and Branch can take advantage of resources and opportunities to take the message to their area:

1.    Discuss how your Section can use the Report Card to highlight pressing issues in your state or region, and let us know how we can help.

  • The ASCE team who puts together the Report Card is available to answer your questions and work with you on using the message to start conversations at the state and local level so email us at

2.    Ask your Board to share the Report Card with their professional networks and social networks with a short story about the infrastructure problems they tackle every day in their jobs.
3.    Hold an infrastructure solutions event or have a Section program featuring one of the Report Card Success Story winners from your area

For more information, e-mail