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Codes & Standards

The T&DI’s Standards Council's purpose is to further the mission of T&DI. The Standards Council provides leadership within T&DI on standards related to transportation and development applications in the form of consensus standards, guidelines, and practices.

The Standards Council works to establish T&DI as a leading transportation and development standards developing organization that serves the profession and public at large.

The Standards Council oversees T&DI’s Codes and Standards Program. The Council also administers and coordinates the production activities of all codes and standards-type documents within the T&DI, in accordance with the rules and procedures formulated by ASCE to meet the requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Accreditation by and adherence to ANSI policies allows the T&DI of ASCE to produce codes, standards, guidelines, and practices, which are acknowledged and accepted by the profession and the public as consensus documents of recognized value.