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 What does T&DI CYM do?

The inaugural Committee on Younger Members (CYM) was established by ASCE T&DI in 2012 to facilitate and promote the participation of Younger Members (YM’s) (35 and under) in T&DI. The CYM is tasked with tailoring activities within T&DI towards YM’s interested in Transportation and Development by:

  •  Creating opportunities for involvement and recognition
  •  Providing a voice directly to the T&DI Board of Governors
  •  Facilitating the participation of YM’s within T&DI committees
  •  Incorporating YM oriented content into T&DI events, conferences, committees and the website
  •  Organizing additional YM roundtables, technical sessions, and social events
  •  Highlighting training programs for leadership
  •  Networking with like-minded young professionals
  •  Fostering interaction between T&DI YM’s and local T&DI Chapters
  •  Promoting T&DI events, conferences, committees and to YM’s via Linkedin

If you are interested in getting involved in any of these activities, please contact the committee chair and T&DI Board of Governor, Brett Schock
Learn more about T&DI’s Vision and Goals.

Can I join CYM?

CYM members are replaced at the end of their serving term, which can be either one or two years. Future members are selected by the current committee. Contact one of the committee members if you are interested. Corresponding Members serve one-year, renewable terms. The number of positions varies, and the more, the merrier. Nomination forms are available online to join any T&DI Committee
If you have any questions, contact Brett Schock or one of the CYM members

Who is on CYM?  CYM Group

There are five full members who serve on the committee: they are appointed for two year terms. The committee Chair, Brett Schock, is a member of ASCE T&DI’s Board of Governors; he was appointed to represent the interests and goals of YM’s at the institute’s highest level. The membership is selected in order to represent all of the transportation modes.

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When does CYM meet?

The CYM holds monthly teleconferences, and generally has two face-to-face meetings each year: one during the TRB Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. and a mid-year meeting. Corresponding Members – or any Members of ASCE are welcome to attend. If you would like more information or have items for CYM to discuss at the next meeting, please email the Chair, Brett Schock.  


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