Daniel W. Mead Prize for Younger Members

Nomination Deadline: February 1st

This prize was established and endowed in 1939 by Daniel W. Mead.  The prize was established and endowed in 1939 by Daniel W. Mead, Hon.M.ASCE, a Society past president.

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"When working in a foreign location, what  defines the design standard which the engineer can rely on to have met his or her ethical obligation to provide a safe and sound engineering solution or design?"

The following can be used to stimulate, but should in no way limit, the discussion:

Engineers today in the global setting are having to evaluate different design guides, codes, standards and practices that are available to them in the region and select the most pertinent to their specific application that will meet their obligations as a professional engineer.

  • When evaluating the different codes, standards and quality requirements, how is one to determine the minimum requirements that provide a good balance between local practices versus global best practices?
  • Do the local codes and standards, which may be less stringent than the standards that the engineer is typically accustomed to, meet his or her ethical obligation as the design engineer?


    I.    The Daniel W Mead Prize for Younger Members of the society may be awarded annually on the basis of papers on professional ethics. Each year the Committee on Younger Members shall select the specific topics of the contest for the forthcoming year.

    II.    Younger Members of the Society who are in good standing at the time their papers are submitted are eligible, unless they have previously received the national award for which they are competing. For the purpose of this prize, Younger Members are defined as Affiliate Members, Associate Members or Members 35 years of age or less on February 1 on the year of the award.

    III.    Papers for the national contest shall (a) not exceed 2,000 words in length; (b) be written by only one person; and (c) not have previously been published in Society publications.

    IV.    Papers shall be judged by the Committee on Younger Members (CYM). The Committee shall select one nominee as the national winner. Certificates of Commendation may be given to other deserving nominees. The nominations, if any, shall be presented to the Executive Committee of the ASCE Board of Direction for approval.

    V.    The recipients of Certificates of Commendation shall receive an appropriate certificate recognizing their achievements. The national winner shall receive a plaque and cash prize determined annually by and subject to the approval of the Executive Committee of the ASCE Board of Direction based on the income from the award endowment. The papers written by the national winners shall be forwarded to an appropriate Society journal for consideration to print.

    VI.    Active voting members of CYM shall not be eligible for the award. Corresponding Members of CYM are eligible. 

    To nominate, submit the following in a single .pdf file by email to youngermember@asce.org :

    The name of the file shall follow this format:

    Mead Prize for Younger Members - Name of Nominee .pdf

    Entries must be received by 5:00 pm (EST) February 1.

    Award Recipients

    Daniel P. Loscalzo, A.M.ASCE

    Daniela Malott, EIT, A.M.ASCE

    Jacqueline M. Marriott, EI, A.M.ASCE

    Peter Jonna, Eit, A.M.ASCE

    Paul A. Voiles, P.E., Ptp, M. ASCE

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