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ExCEEd Teaching Award

Nomination Deadline: February 1st

This award was established by ASCE's Project ExCEEd (Excellence in Civil Engineering Education) and the Committee on Faculty Development to recognize and reward outstanding new faculty.

ExCEEd Teaching Award Nomination Form
Required nomination materials include:

  • Nomination letter
  • Letter of endorsement from current department chair/dean
  • Teaching Portfolio (limited to 15 pages)

All teaching portfolios should include:

  1. Statement of Teaching Philosophy from Nominee
  2. Evidence of Excellence in Civil Engineering Education teaching (student testimonials, student evaluations, peer evaluations, etc.) as measured by student learning outcomes
  3. Two-page curriculum vitae
  4. Nominee portfolios may also contain:
    • Scholarly work published in educational venues
    • Sample teaching materials
    • Evidence of outreach and advisement to students
    • Sample syllabi demonstrating evidence of curriculum development
    • Any other relevant items demonstrating excellence in teaching and a commitment to undergraduate civil engineering or civil engineering technology education
    • Total length of teaching portfolio must not exceed 15 pages.

Sample Teaching Portfolio  (PDF)


Eligible faculty should:

  • be currently employed full-time by a two or four year institution of higher learning
  • teach Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering Technology or any related field
  • be nominated by an ASCE member (student member and self nominations are encouraged)
  • have five years or less full-time teaching experience
  • be a member of ASCE or its institutes

Award Recipients

David Hurwitz

Amy Javernick-Will

Malay Ghose-Hajra

Ann Jeffers

Kristoph Kinzli

All Recipients