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Project Excellence Award Past Award Winners

Large Project - Fort Pierce City Marina, submitted by Tetra Tech, Inc.

Small Project - South Pointe Park Pier, submitted by Atkins

Large Project - Port of Newport International Terminal Renovation, submitted by GRI

Small Project - Makah Tribe Commercial Dock Replacement, submitted by BergerABAM

Large Project - Zidell Waterfront Cleanup, submitted by Maul, Foster & Alongi, Inc.

Small Project - Gulf Gateway Terminal, submitted by Waldemar S. Nelson and Company, Inc.

Large Project - Yacht Club Costa Smeralda Marina, Virgin Gorda, submitted by Bellingham Marine Industries

Small Project - Port Pavilion at Broadway Pier, submitted by Moffatt & Nichol – Blaylock

Large Project - St. Paul Small Boat Harbor, submitted by Bellingham Marine, in partnership with Redpoint Structures

Small Project - Eustatia Island Beach Restoration, submitted by Ocean and Coastal Consultants

Large Project - Port of Ehoala, Madagascar, submitted by Baird & Associates

Small Project - Straits State Harbor, submitted by United Design Associates, Inc.