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Hydraulics 101 - Understanding the Basics

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INSTRUCTOR:  David T. Williams, P.E., PH, CFM, D.WRE, F.ASCE

Course Length: 1.5 Hours

Sponsored by ASCE Continuing Education and Environmental & Water Resources Institute

Webinar Summary

How many of you get confused when hydraulic engineers use fancy terms such as unsteady flow, allowable shear stress, hydraulic radius, Manning’s “n” or 100-year flood? If you are a professional that needs to work with these types of technical individuals or read their reports as an input to your work, it is essential that you fully understand “where they are coming from.” This information can also make you an important asset since you will be able to intelligently interact with other members of the water resources team. This short course will enable you to “talk the talk” and to understand the basis of the analyses that goes into hydraulic studies.

Primary Discussion Topics

  • What is Hydraulics - things that we look for in hydraulics
  • Characteristics of flow and hydraulic calculation methods
  • Channel and floodplain definitions and flow terms
  • Manning equation for shear stress and applications
  • Meanders

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the fundamentals of hydraulics
  • Understand the meaning of hydraulic terms and the types of flow conditions
  • Learn how Manning’s equation is used
  • Gain knowledge on the important facets of river meanders

Benefits for Participants

  • Understand the thought processes of hydraulic engineers
  • Comprehend how flow depth and velocity is determined
  • Be knowledgeable on the terms commonly used in hydraulics
  • Understand the relationship between hydrology and hydraulics
  • Learn about the many applications of hydraulics

 Webinar Outline

  • What is Hydraulics?
  • Things that we look for in hydraulics
  • Characteristics of flow
  • Hydraulic calculation methods
  • What is important in hydraulics?
  • Channel and floodplain definitions
  • Flow terms
  • Manning equation
  • Shear stress and applications
  • Meanders

Target Audience Members

  • Water resources planners
  • River biologists, botanists, etc.
  • Economists that work with water resources engineers
  • Stream restoration professionals
  • Construction contractors that work in rivers