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An Introduction to Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Asset Management

This course is an ASCE Micro Learning Seminar consisting of short course modules and videos allowing for ease in consuming and learning. 
The focus of this course is to provide an introduction to the implementation of geographic information systems (GIS) for managing infrastructure assets. This is the first course of a four-part series on "Using GIS for Asset Management”. The remaining 3 courses will be released in 2016:
  • Course II: Developing a Workflow for Asset Management using GIS
  • Course III: Collecting and Processing GIS Data for Asset Management
  • Course IV: Maintaining GIS Databases for Asset Management
General concepts related to developing workflows and documenting infrastructure assets will be reviewed. An example GIS Asset Management project from the Florida Department of Transportation will be used throughout the course to provide real world examples.  The course will provide a framework on how to implement GIS technologies for asset management, from the initial planning steps to develop a comprehensive database to day-to-day maintenance activities.  The presentation concludes with a discussion of emerging technologies in the field of asset management and GIS.
A small familiarity on GIS is recommended, however the course uses common concepts that can be easily followed by any professional of the diverse A/E industry.

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Learning Outcomes and Benefits

Module 1: Background on GIS and Asset Management
  • - Identify how GIS can improve infrastructure asset management tasks
Module 2: GIS as a Decision Making Tool
  •  Examine the possibilities of implementing GIS to aid decision making when managing infrastructure 
Module 3: Challenges for Implementing GIS
  • Learn how to identify challenges and opportunities for the use of GIS in asset management
 Module 4: Common Steps to Develop GIS for Asset Management  
  • Find out how public and private agencies develop GIS programs for asset management
Module 5: Best Practices of GIS Asset Management 
  • Avoid costly errors by implementing proven techniques when adopting GIS for asset management
Module 6: Application of GIS in Transportation Asset Management
  • Learn how GIS are applied in the management of transportation infrastructure
Target Audience
  • Public Agency Engineers
  • Public Agency Planners
  • Consultants
  • A/E Contractors


Course Length: 2 hours