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Construction Stormwater BMPs

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Instructor Information: Mark Peterson, P.E.

Course Length: 1 Hour

Purpose and Background

Many construction projects include excavation and fill. These soil disturbing activities create the potential for erosion and necessitate the use of Best Management Practices (BMPs). A wide variety of BMPs have been developed, but some designers and contractors use only a few of them. Sometimes this is due to unfamiliarity with other options and sometimes it is due to the mistaken impression that one BMP can be used for all situations.

BMPs for slopes include silt fence, slope roughening and erosion control blankets. BMPs for small drainages include sedimentation basins, sediment traps, check dams, fiber rolls and straw bales. BMPs for inlets include silt fence, straw bales, fiber rolls and inlet covers.

Learning Outcomes

This webinar will provide attendees with the basic tools needed to select appropriate BMPs for a variety of construction conditions. You will see examples of BMPs used appropriately and inappropriately and will be provided ideas on what causes some BMP failures.

Webinar Benefits

  • Understand how to select appropriate stormwater BMPs for a variety of construction situations
  • Understand what causes some of the most common failures of stormwater BMPs

Intended Audience

Civil engineers, contractors and inspectors involved in designing, installing or inspecting storm water BMPs for construction projects will benefit from this webinar.

Webinar Outline

BMPs for:

  • Steep slopes
  • Channels and drainages
  • Inlets
  • Failures