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Innovative Designs for Improving Intersection and Interchange Capacity

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Instructor Information: Nazir Lalani, P.E., M.ASCE

Course Length: 1.5 Hours

Sponsored by ASCE's Transportation & Development Institute and ASCE Continuing Education

This was an excellent seminar that introduced a number of innovative, real designs for improving intersection capacity. Well presented by an authoritative, knowledgeable presenter.  

Purpose and Background

This webinar provides current information on how to use innovative designs to optimize traffic flow at intersections and interchanges. The webinar will study geometric design of intersections and interchanges that use unconventional geometric deigns to increase the capacity of both existing and new intersections. The advantages and disadvantages of each of these designs will be presented. Designs such as continuous flow, parallel flow and other intersection designs that either eliminate or handle left-turn movements to reduce their impacts on intersection capacity will be presented. Single point urban interchanges, diverging diamond interchanges, as well as other types of grade separated intersections and interchanges will be studied in the webinar. Additional resources on each topic will be identified along with the web sites where simulations can be viewed.

Learning Outcomes

This webinar will introduce you to new designs for intersections and interchanges that have been used in some states and other countries to improve intersection capacities. You will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of these designs.

Webinar Benefits

  • Gain a better understanding of intersection and interchange design
  • Learn about the impacts of various designs on traffic flow
  • Gain access to additional resources and references
  • Learn from examples illustrating good and bad designs

Intended Audience

This webinar will benefit transportation professionals (engineers and planners) who work for consulting firms, cities, counties, and state agencies involved in reviewing and designing access to development projects. This course is designed for individuals with experience and training in designing road and highway projects.

Webinar Outline

This webinar will cover intersections and interchanges for:

  • Continuous flow
  • Parallel flow
  • Grade separated
  • Left-turn median crossovers
  • Pre-signal U-turns
  • Forward and reverse jug handles
  • Diverging diamond
  • Single point urban
  • Tight diamond
  • Echelon
  • Ramp Crossover Interchange (RCI)
  • Bypass Bridge Interchange (BBI)
  • Roundabouts at Interchanges