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Introduction to Design of Erosion Control Measures Using Riprap

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Instructor Information:Jerry Michel, P.E.

Course Length: 1 Hour

Purpose and Background
Many projects involve the use of erosion control to prevent soil erosion and soil deposition in stream channels. Many projects also involve the use of erosion control to prevent impacts to drainage structures. Numerous erosion control methods are available to solve these problems, but some of these solutions are costly and unproven. One of the least expensive and most common methods of erosion control is riprap protection.
Activities around streams have come under more intense scrutiny from regulatory agencies in recent years. A properly designed erosion control structure using riprap can ensure protection of drainages at an economical cost, and at the same time satisfy stream regulation requirements. Riprap is often the best solution for erosion control due to cost, availability, and familiarity. Designed properly, riprap can also be aesthetically pleasing.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this webinar, you will be able to:
• Identify properties of riprap appropriate for riprap design, including type, shape, and size of riprap
• Design riprap structures to prevent erosion around streams, hydraulic structures, and embankments
• Identify several types of riprap structures and the particular applications of each one
• Visually recognize appropriate vs. non-appropriate riprap

Webinar Benefits
• Understand what variables impact erosion
• Understand what constitutes good riprap properties vs. poor riprap properties
• Learn how to design riprap structures
• Understand the particular applications of each riprap structure
• Recognize what constitutes a good riprap design vs. a poor riprap design through pictorial examples

Intended Audience

Professionals involved in the design of drainage structures and erosion control measures near drainages, including highways, subdivisions, and commercial developments will benefit from this webinar. This includes design engineers, technicians, and regulatory officials.

Webinar Outline
• Riprap characteristics (sizes and types)
• Riprap structure design and application
• Pictorial examples of riprap structures