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Storm Water Management Alternatives for Small Commercial Sites

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Instructor Information: Mark Peterson, P.E.

Course Length: 1 Hour

Purpose and Background

Many projects involve development of a small commercial facility on a site that currently has limited or no impervious area. In many jurisdictions, it is necessary to reduce the peak flow to predevelopment levels. However, typical solutions to peak flow reduction, such as large detention ponds, are not practical on a small site. There are alternative approaches to storm water management on small commercial sites that can reduce costs, improve aesthetics, meet the storm water regulations and possibly provide LEED credits for the project.

Storm water detention ponds can still be used, but they must be much smaller, which limits the types of outlet devices that can be used. They must also be molded into the landscape to improve the aesthetics. Retention ponds and rain gardens become viable options on small sites, but must still be designed to perform storm water functions.

Seminar Benefits

- Understand the basic hydrology necessary to estimate flows and volumes for storm water management on small commercial sites
- Understand the options available to store runoff on a small commercial site while maintaining use of the site
- Learn how to incorporate Low Impact Development techniques into a small site

Intended Audience

Civil engineers involved in designing storm water facilities for small commercial sites will benefit from this webinar. 

Seminar Outline 

- Basic hydrology for commercial sites 
- Molding detention ponds into the landscape
- How rain gardens fit on commercial sites
- Storm water requirements for LEED credits