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Highway Safety Data Systems

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Instructor Information: James W. Ellison, P.E.

Course Length: 1.5 Hours

This webinar was co-sponsored by ASCE's Transportation and Development Institute and ASCE Continuing Education

Purpose and Background

Transportation engineers and managers who are involved in the design and operation of streets and highways are increasingly being asked to review the traffic safety aspects of their projects and make sound, informed, data-driven decisions.

This presentation will discuss the types of safety-related data that should be considered when making these data-driven decisions, and which data could be provided as a part of an agency’s highway safety data system. The proper use of the primary data elements will be covered, as well as aspects to be aware of that may involve limitations on the accuracy and use of that data.

The six areas of data quality performance measures will also be discussed. Examples of three different approaches in implementing safety countermeasures will be provided. Finally, the future of enhanced highway safety information systems will be covered with respect to on-going research efforts and technological advances.

Learning Outcomes

This webinar will help participants become familiar with the various data elements that might be available and could be a part of an agency’s highway safety data system. Participants will become aware of how to properly use the primary data elements, while at the same time being aware of the possible limitations of the data they are using. The quality of the data used can be evaluated through knowledge of six performance measures, and the use of the data can be applied using three different approaches for implementing countermeasures to improve traffic safety.

Seminar Benefits

- Become familiar with what highway safety data systems are
- Learn about the primary data elements relating to highway safety
- Be aware of possible limitations on the use of safety data
- Become knowledgeable about data quality performance measures
- Learn about different approaches in implementing highway safety countermeasures
- Learn how technological advancements can enhance a highway safety data system in the future

Intended Audience

Engineers and technicians who are involved in the design, review, or operations of streets and highways will benefit from this webinar. This would include consultants responsible for the design of new or reconstructed roadways, or for the study of safety operations of existing roadways, as well as state highway, county road and city public works personnel who use, maintain, or develop highway safety databases.

Seminar Outline

- What are highway safety data systems?
- The different components of highway safety data
- Use of crash data
- Using traffic volume data
- Influence of roadway geometrics
- Traffic control devices
- Roadside features
- Enforcement efforts
- Driver characteristics
- Emergency response data
- Data quality performance measures
- Technological advancements and their influence on safety-related data
- The future of highway safety data systems