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If You Haven't Planned It - You Can't Control It

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Instructor Information: Gary D. Bates, P.E., F.ASCE

Course Length: 1.5 Hours

Purpose and Background

Engineers, and in particular engineering managers, need to control project budgets, schedules, scopes of work, and quality, as well as overhead costs, resource utilization, and dozens of other variables to have a successful practice. Far too often managers react too strongly to unmet expectations; this leaves subordinates frustrated, and perhaps angry, because they assumed they were doing what their “boss” expected. To manage (or control) without plans is to manage (or control) by crisis. This leads to subpar performance by most employees and the inability of the firm to exploit opportunities that come their way. This webinar will focus on proper planning, a major investment required for all organizations, public and private, to achieve the firm and employees’ goals.

Assessment of Learning Objectives

A short True/False quiz will be sent to each participant to measure their comprehension of the principles presented. In addition, the learning outcomes for individual and firm attending will be measured by the resulting change in behavior caused by the projects and activities where they expect to exert some degree of control.

Seminar Benefits

- Understand the relationship between planning and controlling
- Learn what needs to be planned and controlled in an engineering firm
- Understand how employee performance relates to proper planning and controlling systems
- Identify bad control
- Understand the role of planning in scheduling
- Learn seven basic steps required to plan and control 

Intended Audience

This webinar will benefit anyone in the firm who is responsible for the performance of other employees, including staff engineers, department managers, project managers, and the CEOs. 

Seminar Outline 

- What is planning in its basic form?
- What activities or tasks need planning and controlling in an engineering firm?
- Why is planning so important?
- Understanding the relationship between planning and scheduling
- The seven basic steps required to plan
- What is controlling in its basic form?
- What controlling definitely IS NOT
- Various methods of controlling
- Guidelines for a positive control system
- Tracing the causes of incompetence
- How to deal with employee mistakes