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Sustainable Geotechnical Applications: Construction Using Recycled Materials – Part I of VI

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Instructor Information: Craig H. Benson, Ph.D, P.E., DGE, M.ASCE

Course Length: 1 Hour

This webinar was co-sponsored by ASCE's Geo-Institute and ASCE Continuing Education

Purpose and Background

This webinar will discuss possibilities in earthen construction for achieving sustainable outcomes. 

There is increased awareness regarding sustainable construction. So far, the focus has been on building construction. This webinar will discuss possibilities in earthen construction for achieving sustainable outcomes.

The webinar will cover recycled materials and industrial byproducts as alternative earthen construction materials; advantages of using recycled materials; proven applications in which recycled materials have been used; geotechnical considerations; environmental considerations; sustainability and life cycle assessment considerations; and impediments to wider adoption of recycled materials.

Engineers involved in geotechnical construction (highways, airfields, embankments, levees, dams, etc.) that are interested in sustainability need to know how the materials and methods they use affect the engineering life cycle. Recycled materials can be used to create longer lasting infrastructure that require less energy to construct and maintain and has a lower carbon footprint. Both public and private owners are increasingly considering these green construction principles in design.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn new concepts and terms related to sustainable geotechnical construction and available sources for information. In addition you will be introduced to quantitative rating of alternatives relative to life cycle impacts and costs.

Webinar Benefits

  • Find out about the latest developments in green construction
  • Examine the possibilities of employing new tools in your design
  • Learn new technical solutions to generate more sustainable geotechnical construction
  • Become more competitive in green markets
  • Learn about quantitative methods of assessing life cycle impacts of alternative earthen construction approaches
  • Learn life cycle costing of alternative approaches
  • Be in accordance with the ASCE Code of Ethics relative to sustainability

Intended Audience

Construction engineers, materials engineers, geotechnical engineers, highway engineers, environmental engineers, government engineers, and highway planners will benefit from this webinar.

Webinar Outline

  •  Recycled materials and industrial byproducts as proven alternative materials for geotechnical construction
  •  Advantages of using recycled materials
  •  Proven applications in which recycled materials are used
  •  Geotechnical considerations
  •  Environmental considerations
  •  Sustainability and life cycle assessment considerations
  •  Impediments to wider adoption of recycled materials