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Geosynthetic Clay Liners in Waste Containment Applications - Dynamic Shear Strength, Stability Analysis, and Case Histories

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INSTRUCTOR:Patrick J. Fox, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE

Course Length: 1.5 Hours

Co-sponsored by ASCE Continuing Education and ASCE's Geo-Institute (G-I).

Geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) are used worldwide as hydraulic barriers in waste containment facilities, heap leach pads, ponds, canals, and other related engineered works. Acceptance of GCLs during the last 30 years has been rapid because these products offer many advantages over compacted clay liners, not the least of which is lower cost for many applications. However, testing and design using GCLs is more difficult than for any other geosynthetic material. This webinar series discusses and presents fundamental and advanced topics for engineering with GCLs, with emphasis on waste containment applications. This webinar presents dynamic internal and interface shear strength of GCLs, stability analyses, and case histories.

Purpose and Background

The two most essential requirements of GCLs are acceptable performance for hydraulic containment and stability. Hydraulic conductivity and chemical compatibility of GCLs has received much attention in the last decade as research has indicated that hydraulic containment performance is strongly dependent on chemical environment, wetting/drying history, and overburden stress. Likewise, shear strength of GCLs has also been the subject of numerous recent investigations involving large displacements, high overburden stress, dynamic loading, and geomembrane protection from coarse soil subgrades.

Primary Topics of Discussion/Outline

- Shear strength concepts and testing methods
- Dynamic shear strength of GCLs and GM/GCL interfaces
- Stability analysis involving GCLs
- Case histories
- Geomembrane protection using GCLs
- Conclusions
- Questions

Learning Outcomes

- Understand shear strength concepts
- Understand factors affecting dynamic shear strength for GCLs and GCL interfaces
- Understand methods of stability analysis involving GCLs
- Understand lessons from case histories involving GCLs
- Understand principles of geomembrane protection using GCLs

Webinar Benefits

- Develop skills for assessment of dynamic shear strength results
- Develop skills for stability design using GCLs
- Develop skills to avoid pitfalls in stability design using GCLs
- Develop skills for membrane protection using GCLs

Intended Audience

- Civil engineers
- Geoenvironmental engineers
- Geotechnical engineers
- Geological engineers
- Environmental engineers
- Mining engineers
- Hydrologists involved in landfill design, site remediation, mine waste containment, and low level radioactive waste containment
- Landfill and containment system designers
- Environmental regulators
- Site owners

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