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Vision Statement

I am a professional experienced in leading strategic change in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors at the local/regional, national, and international level. I have strong business acumen and rapport for building partnerships, driving results, and leading people resulting in positive impacts on and sustainable growth of communities, businesses, and regional economies.

My vision is to use these skills to facilitate and promote 1) ASCE's vision to build a better quality of life via advancing technology, lifelong learning, professionalism and developing leaders, and advocating infrastructure and environmental stewardship and 2) ASCE's mission to provide essential value to members and partners, advance civil engineering, and serve the public good in Region 10.

I will also promote the global vision and ASCE's five goals for international activities: global image-global voice, global footprint, reserve a seat at the table, expand ASCE products and services, and identify a sustainable financial model.

In addition, I will strive to foster opportunities for international relationship building frameworks, raise the bar for civil engineering education and initiate professional development initiatives, advocate for inclusion of people with disabilities and development of accessible infrastructure, respect cultural values of constituents, and promote resiliency.

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  • MEM, Water & Air, Duke University
  • BA, Environmental Management, Knox College


  • Professional manager with extensive experience in strategic and financial advising, establishment and directing local/regional/national/international community assistance programs, and managing large grant funds and infrastructure projects.
  • Manager, Enabling Good Lives, Ministries of Health, Education, and Social Development, New Zealand
  • Strategy Advisor, Environment Canterbury, New Zealand
  • Border Environment Cooperation Commission (BECC), US-Mexico
    • Co-Chair, High Sustainable Development Work Group
    • Manager, Technical Assistance & Environment /Sustainable Development
  • Chief, Regional Planning, Texas Water Development Board
  • Commission for Women, Texas Governor's Office
  • Worked in Costa Rica, Peru, Puerto Rico, Ecuador


  • Member, Environmental and Water Resources Institute (EWRI) Border International Water Quality Committee member for 18 years
  • Developed Standard 33-01 and 33-09, Comprehensive Transboundary Water Quality Management Agreement; Vice-Chair, Task Committee
  • Founding President, New Zealand Group. Work cooperatively with Institute of Professional Engineers and technical societies, Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team, university, and industry leaders.
  • Hosted ASCE Presidential Delegation in Christchurch, 2014
  • Provided technical seminars on earthquakes and rebuild
  • CBD and earthquake built framework for continuing engagement, 2012-present


  • Civil Defense


  • Dual citizenship US, New Zealand
  • Lived in Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa