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Dynamic Response of Lattice Towers and Guyed Masts


Edited by Murty K. S. Madugula

2001 / 266 pp.
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Prepared by the Task Committee on the Dynamic Response of Lattice Towers of the Technical Committee on Special Structures and the Technical Administrative Committee on Metals of the Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE.

This report is a compilation and clarification of current methodologies for the dynamic response of communication towers in a single source. The information regarding the dynamic response of lattice towers is currently scattered throughout the literature, making it difficult for the practicing engineer to obtain the information necessary for design purposes. Both self-supporting lattice towers and guyed lattice masts (guyed lattice towers) are included.

Topics include:

  •  dynamics of cables and towers,
  •  dynamic analysis,
  •  wind loads and response,
  •  seismic input and response, and
  •  vibration control.