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Transferable Leadership Skills

Your ASCE membership and local participation create invaluable opportunities to gain leadership experience that will translate to your career, delivering lifelong value for you and your employer.

Each year, thousands of civil engineering professionals participate in ASCE’s more than 600 National and Institute committees. Volunteer your technical and professional expertise to advance the practice of civil engineering, all while improving the practice of the profession. Click here to learn more about ASCE’s committees and how you can begin contributing.

ASCE Experience 

Work Experience 

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Team Building

Staff Management

  • Motivate groups to work together to optimize productivity.
  • Identify and utilize the strengths of team members.

Consensus Building

Decision Making

  • Learn to find common ground and reduce barriers.
  • Practice effective collaboration to set goals and achieve them.



  • Learn to understand other perspectives and effectively communicate your own.
  • Resolve points of difference and craft outcomes to satisfy various interests.

Presentation Skills

Speaking to Groups

  • Build confidence as you improve your ability to communicate effectively.
  • Retain the attention and encourage the interaction of your listeners.

Project Management

Project Management

  • Set priorities and identify critical paths to accomplish goals.
  • Manage time and resources to balance competing demands.

Fiscal Responsibility

Financial Management

  • Identify hidden costs.
  • Develop cost/benefit analysis skills.
  • Create realistic budgets and adhere to them.

Fundraising and Membership

Business Development and Marketing

  • Develop networking skills and expand your professional contacts.
  • Identify requirements and craft proposals to meet them.
  • Locate resources and secure them while minimizing cost and effort required.