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T&DI Chapters

  • Get involved closer to home! ASCE Sections that have a T&DI Chapter. 


    Interested in creating a chapter in your area?

    Follow these steps:

    1. Meet with your Section/Branch officers.
      1. Request their initial approval and assistance in planning.
      2. Request guidance from the Section/Branch officers about how to approach the Institute director.
    2. Contact the Institute director to request initial assistance in planning for the affiliation. The request should include the following:
      1. Name of the Section/Branch
      2. Names and contact information for the Section/Branch officers and interested Section/Branch members
      3. Potential membership of the Institute Chapter and plans for soliciting member participation (Ask the Institute Director for the names of Institute members, both Institute-only members and ASCE members, residing within your Section/Branch area.)
      4. Statement of the objectives for future development of the Institute Chapter
    3. Prepare a specific proposal to create an Institute Chapter. The proposal should address:
      1. Proposed resolution of all issues identified by your Section/Branch officers and by the Institute leadership
      2. Revisions to your Section/Branch Bylaws or Operating Rules
        1. to establish the Institute Chapter and
        2. to allow Institute-only members to participate in Institute Chapter activities
      3. Bylaws or Operating Rules for the Institute Chapter as needed
      4. Send the completed proposal
        1. to your Section/Branch officers for their review and approval
        2. to the Institute director for review and approval by the Institute leadership.
    4. Upon approval by the Section/Branch officers and by the Institute leadership, notify the Institute director and the ASCE Geographic Services director by letter or email.
      1. Include the names, titles and contact information of the designated Chapter officers.

    The new organization thereafter becomes the ________ Institute Chapter of the ________ Section/Branch of ASCE.