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  • Transportation engineering is the application of technology, scientific principles, and integrated strategies focused on smart and sustainable development to planning, functional design, operation and management of facilities for any mode of transportation for movement of people & goods.

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    The COPRI North Jersey Branch Chapter is hosting a dinner seminar April 9, 2015 on "Lessons Learned from Sandy for Transportation System Resilience", presented by Dr. Thomas H. Wakeman III, Deputy Director of the Davidson Laboratory at the Stevens Institute of Technology. 

    There are ways to design and construct infrastructure to mitigate environmental damage and still be within a reasonable budget.  We as engineers all exercise care in our designs and take into account the impacts of local conditions on our infrastructure.  ASCE is leading an effort to encourage the use of life cycle cost analysis to look at total costs of infrastructure.  This includes sustainability, resilience, environmental, and other costs associated with the project.  T&DI supports and encourages all our members to learn methods of life cycle cost analysis and provide the best long-term value for your clients, public or private. 

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