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Regions 8 & 9 Younger Member Council

  • 110 Younger Member Groups are divided into three Younger Member Councils (Eastern, Central, and Western), which provide volunteer leadership training and a direct link to the ASCE Committee on Younger Members (CYM) - the national committee voice for young professionals.

    The Younger Member Councils are held as part of the Multi-Region Leadership Conferences, in conjunction with the Workshop for Section and Branch Leaders and the Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders.

    Dress Code:  Business Casual


    ASCE provides reimbursement for the travel expenses, based on 14-day advance purchase round-trip airfare, and $135 per-diem for two days to cover lodging and meals for one delegate per Younger Member Group.  Reimbursement does NOT cover the YMC Registration Fee. .

    In order to receive the reimbursement:

    • Your Younger Member Group must have submitted an Annual Report for the previous fiscal year
    • The delegate must attend the Business Meeting.

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