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Younger Member Renewal Race

  • Get your group in gear to win the 2016 Younger Member Renewal Race & win $1,000!

    The ASCE small, medium, and large younger member groups with the highest percentage of renewed members by December 11, 2015, will each win $1,000

    Step 1: Renew your ASCE membership today  

    Step 2: Encourage your peers to do the same!  

    How to help your younger member team win $1,000

    Spread the word to other members. We've got some things to help you do that.

    Need help? Member Services can help. Email us.

    Spread the word to keep your Younger Member team on pace to win the race!

    Renew Now Remind a colleague

    Can your younger member team beat last year's winners?

    These are the teams to beat from last year! Get in the game to win this year.

    Large: Iowa
    : Montana
    : Columbia

    2016 Contest Standings

    (Final Results December 14, 2015)


    1. Iowa
    2. Kansas City
    3. St. Louis
    4. Indiana
    5. Louisiana


    1. Kansas
    2. Alaska
    3. Montana
    4. Oklahoma
    5. Maine


    1. Akron-Canton
    2. Duluth
    3. Columbia
    4. Dayton
    5. Inland Empire

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