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Community Engineering Corps

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    Contribute Your Skills To Those in Need

    In February 2014 ASCE launched the Community Engineering Corps (CECorps), an exciting alliance with Engineers Without Borders USA and the American Water Works Association (AWWA). The CECorps harnesses the expertise of thousands of volunteers by providing pro bono engineering services that address the infrastructure needs of underserved communities in the United States.

    The CECorps works collaboratively with communities to design solutions to problems that the community has identified. The CECorps only partners with communities that do not have the financial resources to access engineering resources in a traditional manner.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    • Lend your technical expertise to communities – provide technical review of project plans
    • Form or join a project team through your ASCE Section, Branch or Institute Chapter – work with underserved communities on improvement projects.
    • Mentor student groups – guide university-based student chapters in the technical aspects of their community projects.
    The Spirit Lake community has many needs, and few resources available to meet those needs. By partnering with the Community Engineering Corps, we now have the knowledge and resources to make our dreams a reality."
    Frank Black Cloud Spirit Lake community

    What's in my backyard?

    A campaign to build community relationships and advance local infrastructure solutions
    Coming Summer 2019!

    The “What’s in My Backyard?” (WIMBY) campaign seeks to equip volunteers with professional non-technical skills and resources through an educational campaign, which will include the development of an online learning platform as well as in-person and remotely facilitated training sessions. This training will enable participants to create awareness of the CECorps program process and successfully identify and carry out local engineering and infrastructure projects. Training will include topics such as:

    • Learning the CECorps project process and the types of engineering and technical services that volunteers seek to provide.
    • Help volunteers partner with organizations, agencies, and communities that have a need for engineering and technical services.
    • Discuss methodologies and techniques to partner with underserved communities in culturally sensitive ways.
    • Explore what is involved in designing, planning, and scoping a CECorps project and determining what an appropriate scope is and how to identify the needs within partner communities.

    This is a great opportunity for Sections/Branches, Institute Chapters, Younger Member Groups, Student Chapters, and individual members to learn more about the CECorps process, gain skills to work successfully with underserved communities, and identify potential local projects.

    Made possible with funding by the United Engineering Foundation.

    Articles and more

    To help you gain a better sense of how CECorps works and helps others, please read the following articles:


    Community Engineering Corps brings underserved communities and volunteer engineers together to advance local infrastructure solutions.


    All communities in the United States have the infrastructure they need to thrive.


    Community Engineering Corps is an alliance between ASCE, AWWA, and EWB-USA. The alliance combines the strengths of three premier engineering organizations to provide technical expertise to underserved communities in the U.S.

    Learn More

    Visit Community Engineering Corps Resources to view an “Introduction to CECorps” Webinar (under the “About Community Engineering Corps” heading) and resources for project teams. Many common questions can be answered by visiting the resources page.


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