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John A. Roebling Bridge

Covington, Kentucky, United States
Completed 1866

In 1866, the Covington and Cincinnati Suspension Bridge was the largest suspension bridge in the world. Also called the Ohio Bridge, it was officially renamed the John A. Roebling Bridge in 1983. It was the first permanent bridge over the Ohio River and the only public project in America financed by private investors during the Civil War.

Renowned bridge designer John A. Roebling proposed the structure in 1846; but building the bridge would become a 20-year saga, with heated lobbying both for and against the crossing.

The bridge was a direct predecessor to Roebling's masterpiece, the Brooklyn Bridge, completed in 1883.


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Claim to Fame

The John A. Roebling Bridge, a suspension bridge with a main span of 1,057 feet, was the greatest structure of its kind in the world and was the prototype for the Brooklyn Bridge, which followed 16 years later.