Elected Region 10 Governor

Portrait of Armando Cazzola

Vision statement

As Region 10 Governor, my effort will be directed towards the pursuit of cooperation, collaboration and unity of purpose among the Sections and Groups that would be assigned to me by the Region 10 Board of Governors.

My attention will focus on regular communications among the Section and Group Officers and Directors via an online platform that I will be hosting. Also during my first year as Governor, existing student chapters and younger professional groups would be enhanced/reactivated and new ones would be formed.

The second year of my term would see Section and Group Officers meeting on a face-to-face conference (travel restrictions permitting) to be hosted by the Philippines Section, similar to what was done during the earlier years of the Region 10 Board of Governors.

During the last year of my term, an Assembly will be held where Sub-region Officers and members would meet with representatives from each Student Chapter and younger engineers. The Region 10 Board of Governors would be invited to join the forum.

All these, I will serve with complete dedication if given the chance to serve as ASCE Region 10 Governor.

Biographical statement


  • Doctorate of Engineering, State University of Roma Italy, 1975

Certification and licenses

  • Certified Professional Engineer, Italian Department of Public Education, 1980
  • Registered Professional Engineer “Ordine Degli Ingegneri” Grosseto Tuscany Italy

Work experience

  • President and CEO, Foundation Specialists, Inc., Triple A Infrastructures and Building Contractor, Philippines, 1983-present

ASCE involvement


  • President, Philippine Section, 2016-2021, 2012, 2011, 2009

Other volunteer activities

  • NCR Regional Commander Order of the Knights of Rizal (Chartered Civil Patriotic Organization)
  • Past President, Institute of Masonic Education and Studies GLP
  • President, Philippine Institute of Research on Foundations and Structures, Inc.
  • Past Director, Manila Yacht Club


  • Author, General Notes on Applications, Execution and Design of Micropiles. Philippine Civil Engineering Journal, Vol. 2, No. 3, October, 1984
  • Author, Soil Consolidation By Means of Columnar Treatment, Philippine Civil Engineering Journal, Vol. 3, No. 1 and 2, March-June 1985
  • Co-Author, Case Studies on the Performance of Three Major Bridges During the July 16, 1990 Luzon Earthquake, Proceedings of Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers, 1990
  • Author, Application and Design of Soil-Cement Columns, Philippine Civil Engineering Vol. 1, January-June, 1999
  • Co-Author, ASCE, International Convention on Earth Retention, August 2010.