Elected Region 9 Governor

Portrait of Susan E. Hida

Vision statement

I envision meeting ASCE members section-wide and connecting them with national, regional, and local resources. At Caltrans, I did similar--participating in national committees, meetings, and conferences. I thrived on sharing a method or detail that worked well for Caltrans—and in turn bringing ideas back for potential use in California.

I envision speaking up for the government worker, offering ideas to better attract and serve these engineers. Having spent almost an entire career in one state agency, I have knowledge of government constraints. I am passionate for its engineers and their needs for collaboration and especially recognition. A matrix is needed of the 17 Branches, which counties each Branch includes, contact information for award nominations, and deadlines. We’ll benefit from more project nominations and perhaps a few new members.

I envision being a champion of frequent and effective communication:

  • Verifying Branches update their roster from National at least quarterly;
  • Seeing that we’re active on social media; and
  • Posting the Legislative Advocate’s monthly report, if not a monthly newsletter.

I envision being the Sacto-Section encourager of all—especially women, minorities, and the disadvantaged. I am proud that ASCE has a strong stance on ethics, diversity, and equity.

Biographical statement


  • BSCE, Purdue University, 1981
  • MSCE, Purdue University, 1983
  • Technical University of Hannover (now Leibniz University), W. Germany; 1982-1983
  • MSE, Princeton University, 1991

Certification and licenses

  • Professional Civil Engineer, State of California
  • Professional Civil-Structural Engineer, State of Oregon

Work experience

  • Civil Engineer and Assistant State Bridge Engineer, Caltrans, 1991-2020
  • English teacher, Tokyo, 1988
  • Structural Engineer, CH2M Hill Inc., Corvallis, Oregon, 1983-1987

ASCE involvement

Local Level

  • Capital Branch
    • Vice President of Membership, 2020-2021
    • President, 2021-2022
  • Member, Japan Chapter, 1988
  • President, Purdue Student Chapter, 1981

Other volunteer activities

  • Neighborhood Association, current Committee Member and 2022 Board Member
  • St. Mark’s UMC, Trustee, 2005-2006
  • Japanese American Citizens League, Florin Chapter President, 2000


  • AASHTO Resolution of Honor, Chair of Bridge Loads Technical Committee, 2006-2016
  • Purdue Civil Engineering Alumni Achievement Award, 2008
  • James Roberts Bridge Engineer Award, 2005


  • Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute’s Aspire Magazine, "Riego Road Overcrossing”, Use of Spliced Girders, April 2014
  • Transportation Research Record, “Load and Resistance Factor Design of Integral Bent Caps”, 2007
  • ASCE Bridge Engineering Journal, May 2007, and US Japan Seismic Workshop Proceedings, 2007, “Statistical Significance of Less Common Load Combinations”