Portrait of Elizabeth Ruedas

Elizabeth Ruedas, a Project Manager with Michael Baker International, works closely with municipalities, land developers and local business owners under the regulation of the California State Water Resources Control Board and United States Environmental Protection Agency. This experience has exposed her to the inner-workings of a municipal stormwater program, both in how to develop program elements and how to effectively design, implement, manage, and maintain them. Her experience has covered a wide range of program elements with special focus on inspections, Best Management Practices (BMPs), and asset management. In and out of work, Elizabeth loves inspiring, educating, and empowering others to help us move towards a more sustainable future. She not only focuses on sustainable infrastructure solutions, but also helps bring awareness to sustainable living, which includes zero waste, minimalism, and following a whole food, plant based diet. Currently, she serves as on the ASCE Board of Direction, Public Policy Committee, Committee on Younger Members, and Members of Society Advancing an Inclusive Culture (MOSAIC).