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Aerospace Resources

  • 2016 Earth & Space Conference Short Course

    Space Mining & Planetary Surface Construction

    Purpose and Background: This short course is designed for engineers who are planning to participate in the exploration of space. It is intended especially for civil engineers working in space exploration and aerospace engineers working on surface site preparation.

    • Mineral Beneficiation and Processing in Space - Michael Moats
    • Future Concepts and Implementation - Robert P. Mueller
    • Mining on the Moon Mars & Asteroids - Leslie Gertsch
    • Orbital Dynamics - Michael Swartwout
    • Planetary Construction - Paul van Susante
    • Overview of Resource Prospector - Josephine Santiago-Bond
    • Robotic Systems for Space Mining and Planetary Surface Construction - Robert Mueller
    • Soil Mechanics - Basics - Ronaldo Luna
    • Surface Construction - Ronaldo Luna

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