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Call for Applications for Social Science Editor of ASCE’s journal Natural Hazards Review

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Natural Hazards Review (NHR) is seeking a Social Science Editor to serve a 5-year term beginning , 2017 . This position will work closely with the Engineering Editor in making NHR a top forum for the scholarly exchange of ideas and research for natural hazards related topics. 

NHR is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal dedicated to bringing together the physical, social, and behavioral sciences; engineering; and the regulatory and policy environments to provide a forum for cutting edge, holistic, and cross-disciplinary approaches to natural hazards loss and cost reduction. The journal offers a means for researchers and practitioners working together to publish the results of truly interdisciplinary and partnered approaches to loss reduction and long-term disaster resiliency. Engineering topics covered include the characterization of hazard forces and the planning, design, construction, maintenance, performance and use of structures in the physical environment. Social and behavioral sciences topics addressed include a range of issues related to hazard mitigation and human response as well as significant issues related to the built environment such as land use, building standards, and the role of financial markets and insurance.

The ideal candidate shall possess the following qualifications: 

  • Experience on an editorial board as an assistant/associate editor, guest editor, and/or reviewer for national and international publications;
  • Organizational and communication skills;
  • Stature within the social science community in order to garner submissions and readership from a broad audience; and
  • Significant publication record and technical competency in the area of social sciences as related to the scope of the journal.

As this is a volunteer position, the candidate should also have institutional or corporate support. ASCE provides a modest budget for administrative support. 

Roles and responsibilities include:

  • Identifying and managing a team of associate editors in the social science field;
  • Solicit content on new but relevant areas of research;
  • Review manuscripts submitted to ensure a fair and timely decision to authors;
  • Uphold the publication policies of ASCE Publications; and
  • Be willing to make decisions on advice of ASCE Publications regarding potential ethics issues of submitted manuscripts.

Read the full description of editor responsibilities

Applicants are asked to provide contact information, curricula vitae, and a brief vision statement not to exceed more than 250 words for the journal. Applications are due June 2, 2017 .