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    "I have particularly enjoyed the technical questions raised by the participants. Although I have presented hundreds of live delivery training programs, learning to develop and present webinars was a new and valuable experience. In a few situations this training venue has resulted in meeting some new professional friends." 

    — Jerry A. DiMaggio, P.E., D.GE, M.ASCE

  • As your professional society, we continually offer state-of-the-practice programs designed to meet the needs of  practicing civil engineers. To do this we need help from you, the practicing engineer. 

    Do you have knowledge on technical, management, or regulatory topics, as well as strong presentation skills?  If so, we need your training expertise to develop and present live seminars and webinars in all specialties within the civil engineering profession. 

    As an ASCE presenter, you will earn the prestige of a nationally recognized program, and an opportunity to advance the civil engineering profession.

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    Advantages of Teaching for ASCE 

    • Prestige
    • National exposure
    • Increase client base
    • Interact with professionals throughout the United States
    • Promote civil engineering technology
    • Recognition from peers
    • Opportunity to promote committee activities
    • Forum for sharing ideas and information

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