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      Pete Kreft, P.E.

      is a water treatment specialist with MWH (now part of Stantec) with 40 years of experience as an engineering consultant.  He was formerly a Grade IV licensed Water Treatment Plant Operator in California. 

      Pete's focus has been on the planning, design, construction and start-up of surface water treatment plants and related facilities, for both greenfield plants as well as for upgrades/expansions of existing plants.  Pete has participated in over 300 water treatment projects around the globe during his career with capacities ranging from 1 to over 200 mgd.  He has led numerous pilot plant studies to investigate innovative treatment schemes, including high-rate granular media filtration, high-rate clarification, taste and odor control, ozonation, algae removal, disinfection by-product control, and ultraviolet disinfection.  Many of these studies and designs have resulted in full-scale facilities which have reduced costs and/or reduced footprints to the benefit of many owners.

      Pete's most recent WTP projects are:

      • 38 mgd Lake Oswego-Tigard WTP (OR) using ballasted flocculation, intermediate ozonation and high-rate GAC filtration
      • 150 mgd Green River Filtration Facility (WA) using high-rate plate settler clarification and high-rate, deep bed media filtration, as well as mechanical solids dewatering using screw presses
      • Pilot plant study for Grants Pass, (OR) to evaluate ballasted flocculation, ozonation and high-rate media filtration
      • Planning for the 60+ mgd expansion of the Willamette River WTP (OR)

      Pete has published dozens of technical papers and made many presentations over his career on the subjects of drinking water quality and water treatment applications.

      Pete has a Master's degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering and was a Teaching Assistant during graduate school.  He is a registered engineer in 3 states and is a member of American Water Works Association (AWWA) Standards Committee on Disinfection of Facilities.