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    Establish yourself as a leader among your peers and in your profession. Become a Membership Champion.

  • Membership Champions promote ASCE membership through their regions, sections, branches, groups, institutes, and schools. They're energetic front-runners who share a combined passion for engineering and desire to promote ASCE. Outfitted for success, Champions receive exclusive access to video tutorials, dedicated staff support, and a wealth of additional resources.

    What Champions do for ASCE

    • Use the Champion tools and resources to grow membership.
    • Establish annual membership growth goals, and help officers/volunteers understand the importance of developing and implementing a membership strategy.
    • Make your Section/Branch more active.
    • There is no set term limit. Be a champion for as long as you'd like.

    What ASCE does for Champions

    • Offer volunteers member engagement, recruitment and retention training, and support.  
    • Provide easy to use tools and metrics to help champions be efficient and engaged in growing membership.  
    • Connect champions with ASCE resources, staff, tools, and benefits.
    • Gives Champions flexibility to determine their own schedules.
    • Develop customized strategies through one-on-one consultations.

    Already a Membership Champion?


    Help engineers find their home at ASCE by sharing resources available to them at any stage of their career. 


    Demonstrate the value of ASCE to your current members to ensure their renewal.

    • Ensure your members renew their membership early to participate in the Renewal Drawing
    • “At Risk” Member Strategy – Strategies on keeping 1st-year members, transitioning graduating seniors, and reinstating lapsed members
    • Membership letter template – Customizable templates to reach a broad number of new, current, prospective, or lapsed members


    Guide members through transitional stages in their career and their membership.


    Develop your Champion skills through participation in training, utilizing resources, and working with dedicated ASCE staff members. Are you a part of the ASCE Champion’s Discussion? If not email [email protected] with your name, member number, Section/Branch name, and state that you want to join the Champion Collaborate Group. 

    Additional Resources   

    Note: The information on this page (and linked pages) is intended only for use by ASCE members for purposes relating to ASCE business.

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