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Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge

  • Civil engineering is a demanding field that requires a broad knowledge base and combinations of skills to practice successfully as a professional.

  • The purpose of the Body of Knowledge is to define:

    1. What are the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to enter into professional practice,
    2. How can the Body of Knowledge be fulfilled by tomorrow's aspiring engineers, and 
    3. Who should guide the learning of the engineering student and engineer intern.

    Download Body of Knowledge (PDF)

    Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge, 3rd Edition Draft

    View the complete CEBOK 3rd edition draft (PDF)

    The latest draft of the 3rd edition of the Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge is available for review and comment through October 12Share comments via email.  

    Further comments and feedback can be submitted via email.

    Milestones for BOK3TC work

    What’s been completed:

    • Literature search and review: Fall 2016
    • Review of BOK 2nd edition outcomes, Round 1: Winter 2016-17/Spring 2017
    • Survey of stakeholders, Part I: Winter 2016-17
    • Proposals and review of additional outcomes: Spring/Summer 2017
    • Review of BOK 2nd edition outcomes, Round 2: Spring/Summer 2017
    • Review of all outcomes, Round 3: Summer/Fall 2017
    • Progress Report to ASCE Board of Direction: October 2017
    • Release of pre-draft rubric for BOK3
    • Survey of stakeholders, Part II:  Fall 2017
    • Preparation of draft report for broad review by stakeholders
    • Distribution of draft report to stakeholders for review:  Winter 2017-18
    • Stakeholder review and comment period:  Spring 2018

    What’s in progress:

    • Preparation of final version:  Summer 2018 

    What’s just around the corner:

    • Presentation of final report to ASCE Board of Direction:  October 2018
    • Publication: Spring 2019

    View Members of the Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge 3 Task Committee


    The Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge for the 21st Century was originally developed by a task committee of ASCE members and published in 2004. In 2008, a second edition was published, reflecting additional study and deliberation on the subject. Following the publication of the second edition, an 8-year cycle for review of the Body of Knowledge was established.

    The second edition of the Body of Knowledge formed the basis for the revised Civil Engineering Program Criteria used to review Civil Engineering programs through ABET, effective for ABET reviews beginning in Fall 2016.  

    Download a free copy of the Second Edition or purchase a bound copy of the complete report from ASCE's bookstore.

    The Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge 3 Task Committee (CEBOK3TC) is reviewing the 2nd Edition of the Body of Knowledge to determine what, if any, changes are necessary to reflect the ever-changing demands to practice as a professional civil engineer. The Task Committee convened in October 2016 and is due to complete its work in September 2018.

    Questions?  Contact Leslie Nolen, ASCE Staff.