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Civil Engineering Club

  • Civil Engineering ClubsTM are places for high school students to meet, engineer mentors and explore civil engineering through activities, lessons, and field trips.

  • What you need to start a club

    1. An ASCE member who can meet with the club on a regular basis, usually after school or sometimes during a school day. Don't know one in your area?  We can help you find one!
    2. A faculty advisor from a committed school
    3. The Civil Engineer needs to fill out the application form and upload a letter of commitment from the school.

    Never led a club?  Here's how!

    Club Resources

    An annual package of support materials including posters, membership cards, backpacks, graph pads, brochures, and books designed to help you market and grow the club. 

    Email support for questions or problems.

    Civil Engineering Club Guide including Bridge Activities Module (18 MB):  Learn what Civil Engineering Club is all about. Information about approaching a school partner, building a team of volunteers, recruiting students and leading activities about civil engineering. The Bridges Module includes 8 weeks of activities along with ideas for speakers and field trips.

    Downloadable resources include fully scripted activity guides on Bridges, Water Resources, and Transportation.  Print versions are also available

    Brochures and Logos

    Civil Engineering Club Contest

    A national competition is held each year to build a sense of community between the clubs. For the 2017–18 school year the clubs were given the blank layout for a parking lot and had to submit a layout for the lot, a written report that detailed the decisions and costs involved, and an optional video "selling" a client on why to chose their lot. Top placing teams receive a cash award, a trophy for highest placement in each judging division, and each team member receives a certificate of participation.

    The results were announced on Tuesday, May 22, 2018. View the archived webinar.

    • Best Team Professionalism: Brooklyn Technical High School, New York
    • Most Efficient Parking Stall Layout: Roosevelt High School, Hawaii
    • Best Technical Design: Roosevelt High School, Hawaii
    • Best Drafting and Plan Presentation: Brooklyn Technical High School, New York
    • Best Report: Moanalua High School, Hawaii
    • Best Video Presentation (optional entry): Roosevelt High School, Hawaii
      • 2nd Place: Moanaluna High School, Hawaii
      • 3rd Place: McFarland High School, California
      • 4th Place: Pearl City High School, Team 2, Hawaii
      • 5th Place: Pearl City High School, Team 1, Hawaii
    • Overall Champion: Brooklyn Technical High School, New York
      • 2nd Place: Roosevelt High School, Hawaii
      • 3rd Place: Moanalua High School, Hawaii
      • 4th Place: McKinley High School, Hawaii
      • 5th Place: McFarland High School, California

    Video Presentations