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ASCE OTC Hall of Fame Awards

  • The Hall of Fame Gala recognizes extraordinary papers submitted to previous OTCs. These papers form the core of current practice throughout the world and have had a lasting impact on the profession.

    2020 ASCE OTC Hall of Fame Gala

    The 2020 ASCE OTC Hall of Fame Gala has been cancelled due to health concerns and an abundance of caution connected to COVID-19.


    • Individual Ticket | $150
    • Guest Ticket (max 5) | $150
    • Table (8 seats) | $1,200

    2020 Awardees

    The following authors and papers will be recognized at the 2020 Hall of Fame Gala:

    • Paper 6657 (1991): C.T. Kwan and F.J Bruen – Mooring Line Dynamics: Comparison of Time Domain, Frequency Domain, and Quasi-Static Analyses
    • Paper 11885 (2000): E.G. Ward, G.C. Lee, D.L. Botelho, J.W.Turner, F. Dyhrkopp, and R.A. Hall – Consequence – Based Criteria for the Gulf of Mexico: Philosophy and Results
    • Paper 11886 (2000): E.G. Ward, G.C. Lee, R.A. Hall, J.W.Turner, D.L. Botelho, and F. Dyhrkopp – Consequence – Based Criteria for the Gulf of Mexico: Development and Calibration of Criteria
    • Paper 12089 (2000): A.G. Young, C.D. Honganen, A.J. Silva, and W.R. Bryant – Comparison of Geotechnical Properties from Large-Diameter Cores and Borings in Deep Water Gulf of Mexico
    • Paper 12090 (2000): G.W. Quiros, R.L. Little, and S. Garmon – A Normalized Soil Parameter Procedure for Evaluating In-Situ Undrained Shear Strength

    2019 ASCE OTC Best Paper Award

    Paper 29398 (2019): S. Lacasse, F. Nadim, N. Boylan, Z. Liu, Y.J. Choi – Risk Assessment and Management for Geotechnical Design of Offshore Installations


    Sponsorship of the OTC Hall of Fame is essential to its continued success, and ASCE and COPRI appreciate your generous support.  With your contribution, the Hall of Fame Awards Committee is able to publish the Commemorative Edition of papers, host a wonderful evening for the honorees, and celebrate their lasting impact on the offshore industry.

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