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CI's Digital Project Delivery Committee Presents at the ASCE Convention

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Danny Kahler, P.E., M.ASCE, current Chair of the CI Digital Project Delivery Committee, gave a presentation on Digital Project Delivery at the recent ASCE 2016 Convention held in Portland, Oregon. The audience was introduced to the overall concept of Digital Project Delivery, which is the technology-agnostic transfer of design to construction using digital data at the primary legal deliverable, instead of as a non-binding supplement to traditional plans or drawings. The audience also learned of government reports that suggests that our reliance on non-interoperable information in the engineering phase costs our economy around $16 Billion per year, and of recent laws that mandated the use of advanced digital modeling in the delivery of projects that involved federal dollars. 

Included in the presentation was some of the latest work done by CI Past-President Craig Ruyle, P.E., M.ASCE of the New York State Department of Transportation on the parallel digital/analog bidding of a bridge project, which was awarded a grant by the FHWA to study the associated digital processes, and by David Brown, P.E. on innovative digitally-based Construction Engineering and Inspection, to complement the digital construction processes used by modern contractors. The CI Digital Project Delivery Committee is working towards developing a general theory of practice necessary to work in a digital economy, and to deliver projects to construction as data rather than documents. Because the new EJCDC documents discuss the responsibilities of digital transfer but don't elaborate on how, a general theory is needed to help engineers manage their professional risk when faced with the dozens of competing, and often conflicting, digital data protocols being marketed by technology vendors and trade associations.