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Construction Institute

  • CI offers individuals and organizations working in all sectors of the construction industry the opportunity to network with other professionals, sharpen skills, and shape the future of the industry by participating in technical activities, conferences, and the development of internationally recognized standards.

  • Vision

    To be the leader for promoting quality in construction.


    Advance the construction industry through collaboration, promotion, and raising public awareness.


    1. Improve the state of construction practice through collaboration
      1. Share knowledge and technology, and develop professional guidance and standards
      2. Partner with other organizations to advance good construction practices
      3. Promote sustainable practices and the efficient and timely use of resources in construction
      4. Promote safety in construction projects
    2. Promote the construction industry to attract and develop the current and next generation of construction professionals
      1. Provide members with resources for career advancement and improving technical and leadership skills
      2. Provide networking and partnership opportunities for construction and engineering professionals, students, and academics within ASCE and other organizations
      3. Increase Construction Institute member participation in local chapters, committees, and the annual summit
    3. Raise public awareness and affect public policy
      1. Advocate for professional licensure in the construction industry
      2. Promote construction education within the civil engineering curriculum and construction engineering as an educational discipline
      3. Disseminate best construction practices developed by the Construction Institute

    The Construction Institute provides for members:

    • An atmosphere fostering cooperative relationships between owners, engineers, and contractors
    • Cooperative relationships with other associations
    • Technical and business information
    • Networking opportunities
    • Efficient practical training
    • Prestige, including awards
    • Representation

    The Institute has eight standing committees, called Councils, which oversee CI's technical activities:

    • Publications
    • CI Chapters
    • Young Professionals
    • Research
    • Design Interface
    • Construction Implementation
    • Risk Management
    • CI Summit

    CI identifies a leader in the industry to chair each Council and serve on the board. The Chair is charged with developing a core standing committee and identifying initiatives within its sector, which are pursued by new and existing technical committees.


    Read the Construction Institute Bylaws

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    Katerina Lachinova 
    Director, ASCE Construction Institute